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Smooth receipt management for your business.


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“With Kwick linked to our corporate card First Card we reduce the handling of receipts by 50% and allow our employees to focus on what they do best.”

 Head of Travel Management - Nordea


Kwick receipts improve daily administration for small and large corporations. With Kwick you get digital receipts for purchases made with your payment card.


Get Kwick and save time!

We provide digital receipts.


We’re always on the lookout for more talented people to join in on our quest to digitilize receipts everywhere. Apply today!


We have the worlds best partners. It’s true! Do you want to work with leading merchants at the forefront for technological development? We make big volumes for such partners - and great values (at no charge to our partners, no wonder they think its a great service).

Do you enjoy well working system integrations? Are you experienced in high volume transaction platforms, and do you also enjoy being in charge of your own project deliveries? We believe you're experienced in the common protocols and webservices (ftp, rest/soap) and APIs.

Send us a CV already today and we'll grab a coffee to discuss your ideas on big data, the latest innovations and the best new music so far in 2019!


Kwick is a very appreciated service with a clear value – we are inspired to see how our users enjoy Kwick. But we don’t stop there! We always try to be proactive and at the cutting edge of what it means to truly understand and support our users.

The role as customer success manager suits you who wishes to develop our CMS function and influence the customer success as an integrated part of the business – we see customer satisfaction as essential for what we do. Customer first, plain and simple! Are you motivated by customer success and enjoy removing bottle necks to solve customer needs? We believe that you have got experience from support and customer success, ideally via content automation, smart messages, in-app communication etc.

Send us a CV already today and we’ll invite you in for a coffee to discuss trends within customer success and what important gadget you think we should get to the office!


We're looking for a front-end developer especially skilled within Angular and Cordova.

Do you love creating nice interfaces for an award winning app? We believe you are passionate about crafting clean code and act as the enabler of the functions that our users want to add on to the product!

Maybe you're also great at Material Design and even UX? Do you also want to be part of an organization that value innovation and you can truly be in charge of deliveries?

Send us a CV already today and we'll discuss if React beats Angular and if Lumen will rule php in 2020.


Kwick is breaking new grounds and our tech should always be supporting this through scalability and great managed operations. 

We are looking for a SysOps responsible with a strong desire to  obtain a solid architecture and repeatable process for projects, ensuring maximum security, performance and availability. In this role you will oversee as Laravel and AWS workloads are brought to production. This is a role that simultaneously benefits from strong competencies in a broad array of technologies, while also being able to go deep on several others.

We expect that you have a solid knowledge within Laravel deployed on AWS. We also believe that you value innovation and that you enjoy being in charge of your deliveries. 

Send us a CV today if you get inspired to join in on our quest to establish the leading infrastructure for purchase information!

All positions are based at our office in central Stockholm.

We are proud of our workplace being free from discrimination. We truly believe that diversity of gender, age, experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a more creative environment for our employees and a better product for our users. We continuously improve our unique platform on our mission to deliver more digital receipts to the world. We want more passionate people to join us on our journey!


ETNetwork AB

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114 30 Stockholm

T: +46 8 51 51 77 70



Welcome to Kwick Developer area


Merchant Developers

If your are developing for a merchant that wants to send digital receipts to their customers please click here.

System Developers

If you are developing for an ERP or Expense system that wants to include digital receipt in your service please click here.