First Card + Kwick Expense

To setup Kwick Expense for a First Card customer this form
needs to be completed by a Nordea Sales Representative

The org no / buyer party id as registered at Nordea
Adress Information
Contact Information
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Authorized Signatories (max 4)
Authorized to sign: Kwick "Terms & Conditions" & First Card "File Integration with Kwick" Form"
Signatory 1 *
Signatory 1
Signatory 2
Signatory 2
Signatory 3
Signatory 3
Signatory 4
Signatory 4
Customer Country (Nordea card issuer country) *
Digital receipts attached to e-invoice

What happens after submitting this form?

1. Company contact will receive email with Kwick Agreement for approval.

2. Company contact will receive email with First Card Integration file. When approved by company contact the document will be sent to the given authorised signatories for correct approval.

3. First Card will deliver transactions to Kwick Expense within two weeks.


The employee - I'm so over this!

Its all about freeing up time for employees. By leaving receipts to an automated system, employees can focus on what they do best.

The organisation - Seven years, you're kidding me!

Tired of archiving? Research shows that administrative costs are reduced with 50% when implementing digital receipts.

Read more about Kwick here.

Digital Receipts with E-Invoice

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